Saturday, December 29, 2007

NumPy/SciPy blog aggregator

As part of yesterday's documentation day, I set up the NumPy/SciPy blog aggregator. Gaël Varoquaux did all the work customizing the templates and style sheets. I will post a longer blog tomorrow detailing what was accomplished during the first NumPy/SciPy documentation day.

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Unknown said...

Hi, I'm used to high level JAVA programming but I'm going to migrate to Python largely because of numpy/scipy. But I'm having quite a run around trying to just get it installed. I'm running Vista Home Basic. I'm trying to get MinGW and MSYS installed ( under cygwin . . . although I don't quite understand the relationship between cygwin and MinGW ( right now I have them installed in separate directories )and between MinGW and MSYS) and then build numpy and scipy on NetBeans. I've got Cygwin installed sucessfully as far as I can tell. But I'm having trouble installing MSYS.
from the web site I'm told I need:
* bzip2-1.0.3-MSYS-1.0.11-snapshot.tar.bz2
* coreutils-5.97-MSYS-1.0.11-snapshot.tar.bz2
* diffutils-2.8.7-MSYS-1.0.11-snapshot.tar.bz2
* gawk-3.1.5-MSYS-1.0.11-snapshot.tar.bz2
* make-3.81-MSYS-1.0.11-snapshot.tar.bz2
* msysCORE-1.0.11-2007.01.19-1.tar.bz2
* binutils-2.17.50-20070129-1.tar.gz

I'm having trouble finding gawk and diffutils.
I found these programs on the gnu ftp site but the file names don't contain MSYS. I'm unsure about if these are really the same files . . . if MSYS is added to the file name just for convenience when they are packaged together for MSYS or if they actually are completely different files that are made to interact with MSYS in some way thats way over my head?
Also I ran into an installer on SourcForge but I'm not sure if using that is equivalent to using the list of tar files above, and it didn't seem to say if it installed all of the components in the tar file list above that are required for scipy. I'm trying to make sure I don't make a mistake that I have no way to diagnose later. When I get through this process I'm going to be very happy to use scipy in a high level way, but right now I'm pretty traumatized :(
any help is welcome